New Yard Bird #44 Great Horned Owl downtown Berkeley By Don Simonson ·
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Lawrence's Goldfinches, San Ramon By SteveLombardi ·
Early Blue Grosbeak, Marsh Creek Rd. By Ethan Monk ·
Red-breasted Nuthatch - Antioch yard - 4/10 By Paul Schorr ·
Lawrence’s Goldfinches and other Birds, Black Diamond Mines By Jim Chiropolos ·
FOS Pacific-slope flycatcher By judisierra ·
Heather Farm Park Friday April 9 By rosita94598 ·
Duckling at Lake Anza By Claude Lyneis ·
Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek By rosita94598 ·
Castle Rock/Diablo Foothills/Pine Canyon By tracy_farrington ·
Phainopepla - Black Diamond Mines R. P., Antioch - 4/7 By Paul Schorr ·
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Contra Loma R. P., Antioch - 4/5 By Paul Schorr ·
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