Yellow-Breasted Chat - Winton Ave

Bill Clark

The Yellow-Breasted Chat at Winton Ave sang enthusiastically from 9am to 11am on 5/15/10.  It stayed very well concealed the whole time, but it was also spotted briefly two times - ruling out a tape player on auto-play.
To find it:
Go to Hayward Regional Shoreline, at the end of West Winton Ave.
Park near the residence house.
The Chat stayed in a row of tall shrubs, approximately 100 ft long.  This row of shrubs is to the north of the road (and the row of trees), and just south of the flood control channel.  There is a trail that runs east-west just to the south of the shrubs.  The Chat was seen from this trail, near the fenceline of the residence, and again from across the flood control channel, while I stood on the bike path, looking south.
Please remember your birding etiquette and stay out of the shrubs.  The Chat finally stopped singing, when someone tramped into the shrubs looking for him.
Good birding,
Bill Clark
Livermore, CA