White-Winged Scoter at Richmond Marina plus Red-Breasted Merganser and Pelagic Cormorants

Sam Zuckerman

The female White-Winged Scoter continues in Richmond Harbor, this morning swimming at a stately pace with surf scoters in the channel between the marina and the SF Bay Trail on south side of the harbor just west of Tradewinds Sailing Club. First observed the WWSC around 9:30 am deep inside the marina but the scoters soon entered the channel close to the trail. Eventually, the WWSC swam within 15 feet of the riprap 100 yards west of Tradewinds. 37°54'44.2"N 122°20'45.9"W. A Red-Breasted Merganser was also in the channel and four Pelagic Cormorants were on a wharf in the marina 75 yards north of Tradewinds where the SF Bay Trail makes a turn to the east. And grebes galore, more than eight eared plus horned, western and pied-billed. Pretty good action in the calm after the big storm.