White-throated Sparrow - Creekside Rd., Brentwood - Jan. 11

Paul Schorr

Yesterday, Jan. 11, Nancy and I birded Creekside Park and Creekside Rd. for several hours. This was the second time that we were able to locate a White-throated Sparrow along the road and get excellent close views. The bird was located just north of Wolfe Ranch along a tall wall that separates homes in Somerset 4 from the road.

In addition, we had the following noteworthy sightings:

Black-throated Gray Warbler (eBird showed this species as a rarity for this location, so I submitted an eBird report also.)
Orange-crowned Warbler
Purple Finches (6)

I apologize for the late posting.

Happy birding.

Paul Schorr