White-faced ibises, courting ruddy ducks, and Am. Wigeon in Fremont


A friend and I looked unsuccessfully for the white-faced ibises at South Marsh at Coyote Hills RP on Saturday evening. As we were headed back to the car around 6:30 PM, a group of about 16 white-faced ibises flew in from the north. We hoped they would land in front of us, but they flew steadily south over the quarry operation and then over the hills towards the bay.

This afternoon another friend and I visited Pacific Commons Linear Park (Auto Mall Pkwy off Nobel Drive, Fremont). At the fenced-in marsh we saw many black-crowned night heron adults, immatures, and a couple of fledglings. Common moorhens, American coots, and Canada geese also had youngsters. A brilliantly plumaged male ruddy duck was displaying for a female who happened to be swimming alongside another male. The display involved raising his stiff black tail very stiffly into the air and rapidly bobbing his head. The female took note and swam over, but her male companion followed, whereupon the displaying male fell to preening as if that's what he'd intended all along. Most surprising to see was an adult male American wigeon on the westernmost pond.

Stephanie Floyd