White-faced ibises continue at Coyote Hills RP


Two white-faced ibises in gorgeous breeding plumage flew into South Marsh at Coyote Hills RP around 11:30 this morning. I watched one digging in the marsh under the dry, collapsed tule, pulling out and swallowing large crayfish. I had waited 45 minutes for the birds to show, and after about 10 minutes they flew off, disappearing from view into the tall tule grass around the waterway across from the "dogs on leash" sign by the small marsh down from the bare rock face (just out from Quarry parking lot). Also in this area were a Wilson's warbler in a tree and an adult common moorhen high-stepping across the marsh with a big youngster following. I saw several common yellowthroats; one bright male flew to the top of a tree to sing.

Stephanie Floyd