Western Tanager Show

Annie Vargas

There was a spectacular showing of male and female Western Tanagers in Walnut Creek this morning (9:30 am) right along the Iron Horse trail near San Miguel Park. I thought it worth noting. I have never seen so many in one place flying from tree to tree, diving and chasing one another, easily visible.

It was along the stretch of trail between Fyne Dr. (off of San Carlos Dr. in the San Miguel neighborhood), and San Miguel Park. From Fyne Dr. walking toward San Miguel park on the IH trail there is a large dead tree on the left next to the trail just before the "bend" where it hits the park. The W. tanagers were on that tree and all the trees behind it on the little hill. I watched for about half an hour.

Also, the trails off of the trailhead at the end of La Casa Via (John Muir Hospital) have had very good birding. The other evening there were Lawrence's goldfinches, Western kingbirds, Ash-throated flycatchers, a hovering White-tailed kite, Red-winged blackbirds, Red-tailed hawks, Western bluebirds, Lesser goldfinches, to name a few.

Happy Spring Birding,

Annie Vargas
Walnut Creek

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