Weekend Birding on Bay Coast Trail From Emeryville to Richmond

jchiropolos <jchiropolos@...>

Biked the coast trail both Saturday and Sunday - Sunday was a great day with the storm causing the birds to be very active:

Notable spottings:

Green heron and lincoln's sparrow in Berkeley aquatic park. Look for them east of the lagoon in the wetland areas by the frisbee golf holes.

Common Murre in harbor north of Richmond marina - only on Saturday.

Red throated loon in Richmond marina.

Bank swallows in restored wetlands north of University in Berkeley.

Calling breeding orange crowned warbler in willow thicket in restored wetland north of University. Seems almost too small a patch to breed....

Surfbirds off the Emeryville bulb notable for many which have now molted in breeding colors on the tundra. I recommend that people check out their summer plumage, compared to the drab winter plumage.

No gulls except for Western, ring-billed and California. The Thayers and Glaucous winged seemed to have moved north.