Wednesday morning in Walnut Creek


Well, I never thought I would need lights to ride my bike at quarter to eight in the morning, but it would have worked today.  I don't even have them on my 62-year old bike. 

Still, I had a few things in Heather Farm Park.  A Killdeer was on the north ball fields, along with a couple of Crows;  A Green Heron was in the willows along the west side of the large, mostly natural pond.  A Great and a Snowy Egret were both at the bottom of the gravel boat ramp.  A handful of Mallards were on the pond, too.

At the wooden railing near the parking lot, I had two California Towhees and two Yellow Warblers.  The warblers were in the Chinese Pistache tree, which has these little reddish berries, now. 

At home before I left, I turned on the kitchen light and saw an Anna's Hummingbird was banging into the window.  I walked into the kitchen so it could see me inside and it quit doing that.  I went outside to see if there were some insects it was grabbing, but could not see anything noticeable.  Perhaps it was as confused by the morning as I am.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek