WE have chicks


Charlie Brown was on the nest in the past 1/2 hour and acting differently than I've seen him act before. It did look like he was passing food to a chick which I could not see. Usually he will pass food to Lucy in the open at the sentinel tree where he normally perches during the day. She has not been taking it to the nest, but flies off to eat it herself.

Yesterday Charlie was seen taking a mouse directly to the nest, but the weather was too bad to sit in the rain and watch what happened after that.

This morning I could see a body form in the nest that made me think that both adults were on the nest, then Charlie flew to his sentinel perch. Earlier this past month when both birds were on the nest covering the eggs they were not distinguishable as two bodies, rather a large body mass as I saw today.

When I put the scope back on the nest within 2 or 3 minutes I could see Lucy going through the same motions as though she was feeding a chick.

Then glory of all glories a little head popped up and surveyed the neighborhood followed by another. For sure a pair, maybe we will see four before the week is out.

I'm not so sure that Yahoo displays my e-mail address properly in this group, so if anyone wants to come view the family please make an appointment via uuuu4x@aol.com.