Walnut Creek sightings


Stuck near the house due to painters working inside, but made a short visit to Heather Farm yesterday morning.  Ted Robertson and I saw a Yellow Warbler and I later saw a Raven on a parking lot light.

We had two Juncos in our patio yesterday, one of them is a young one with a grayish head but still streaky on the breast.  The other appeared to be an adult female.  She was here again a few minutes ago, too. 

This is the third Junco family of the year.  We had two young ones at once last spring, an adult feeding a young Cowbird in the summer and now this one.  We seemed to have two pairs of adults around.  One of the pairs had a male with some white patches right at the edge of his black hood.  The other male looked normal.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek