Walnut Creek Sightings Saturday May 15


Having received an email from Fred Safier after 7 AM, I rode my bike south along Cherry Lane to the creek crossing at Seven Hills Ranch Road.  There I found his male Common Merganser north of the bridge and a Queenfisher to the south.  Fred had seen the Kingfisher before I arrived.

Along Homestead and at the intersection with Royal View, I heard and then found a Warbling Vireo.  This part of Homestead is a private Road with no parking available.

Returning to Heather Farm, I rode counter-clockwise around the large, mostly natural pond, my usual direction.  At the north end and across from the dog park, a singing Wilson's Warbler was along the pond edge.  It was still singing there when I returned home.

Many swallows of four species were flying low over the pond.  I would say there were at least 50, maybe more.  They were Barn, Cliff, Violet-green and Rough-winged.  I tried to identify a Tree Swallow for certain, but just could not keep up with them all.

While at the railing with Walter and Bobbie, a Caspian Straight flew past us right to left.  I use this name, because it never "terned" and came back past us.  By this time it was just about 9 AM.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek