Walnut Creek Patio birds


Rosita said that she watched a lot on Wednesday and yesterday and that we have two families of CA Towhees coming to our patio. She saw both sets of parents, each feeding a fledgling yesterday. I saw one of the young early this morning.

We have been having up to 4 fledgling Chestnut-backed Chickadees coming. At times we see both parents feeding them. Somee of the young go into the cage around the tube feeder, but have not quite figured out how to grab their own seeds. They have used the bird bath, perched on the peg of the peanut feeder and searched under leaves of the various plants. They are becoming quite adept as fliers.

I haven't seen the Juncos too much. There have been as many as three fledglings and we have seen two adults at once, one with virtually no tail, the other seemingly normal.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek