Valle Vista Snipe Kites and Wood Ducks


Walked the trail to the reservoir yesterday , along the way saw or heard the following

Wood Duck pair at the bridge
Ring neck ducks 4 or 5 among the many coots at the bridge
2 pied billed grebes at bridge among coots
2 white tailed kites perched atop a tree at the edge of the reservoir
Heard a red shouldered hawk
What appeared to be a juvenile Cooper’s hawk in the large tree in the pasture side after you make the turn at the reservoir
The Wilson’s Snipe were still there
Other ducks that were too distant to identify


Yes, we were also there yesterday. We saw around 5 wood ducks in the area of the bridge, as well as a pair of hooded mergansers. We saw a bald eagle much farther down the reservoir .

Donna Mandel