Unintentional Walking Bid Day

Jim Chiropolos

I started to walk from the house and by the end of the walk realized I had 72 species. Would not have thought that possible. Route Orinda - San Pablo Reservoir - Inspiration Point _ Vollmer Peak - Orinda. Good water birds at the reservoir - only three migrant species - Cassins Vireo, Townsends and Hermit warblers for obvious migrants.. Missed some common birds such as Cal Thrasher, Flicker,Cliff Swallow, Coopers hawk, Swifts and Rufous crowned sparrow that has been very cooperative until today.. I would not have thought 72 would be possible, but almost all are local breeders, would 80 or 90 be possible if migration would be hit right?

Bruce - the migrant push today by the house consisted of Hermit warblers and warbler vireos with 6- 10 birds present before 7:30 am and possibly a least flycatcher.

Good birding!
Jim Chiropolos, Orinda