Two Vaux's Swifts at Briones Reservoir


My East Bay jinx with Vaux's Swift was finally broken this morning with two at the north end of Briones Reservoir, the 'Oursan' trail.  A Rufous-crowned Sparrow was also present at the last sharp turn in the trail prior to the reservoir overlook. Three Wood Ducks landed on the water then instantly scurried into the reeds. 

Rusty Scalf

Alan Krakauer

Hi Rusty,

I had a small flock of maybe 8 Vaux's yesterday morning at approximately 10:30AM from the Alvarado Staging Area parking lot to Wildcat Canyon. It was tough to tell but I think they were heading southeast. Maybe your birds, or just part of a larger flight yesterday?  This was only maybe my 3rd time seeing them in Wildcat Canyon and definitely the largest number I've seen together here.

I also had my FOS Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the parking lot, and FOS Hermit Thrushes at the "canada warbler spot". 

Good birding,
Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA