Tufted Duck

Mark Rauzon

or rather Tuftless Duck, an eclipse male found this 9am at the Laney College estuary, where I work. I was getting catalytic convertor guards put on for the upcoming semester and went to check out the estuary. (This is the outlet of Lake Merritt accessed by 10th Street near the Oakland Museum, or Lake Merritt Bart Station-for those doing a green year.) Dark backed duck caught my eye but couldn't see a crest but in the photos you can see where it might grow. The Nat. Geo guide says eclipse males may lack a crest but other field marks are there. Very white underwing lining and upper wing were seen when it bathed and large bill nail.
Once the car was done, I went to Aquatic Park and found Rusty Scalf's Western Flycatcher in the sun, then stopped by Emeryville and photographed some skimming skimmers. Nice morning outing. 


Mark Rauzon