Tuesday morning Heather Farm birds


The park has not been much different day to day, so I have not written.  Today I did not see the Common Goldeneye, which has continued for maybe 2 months?  Anyway, a river otter was in the willows on the west side of the pond and it might have caused the Goldeneye to hide somewhere.

Tracy Farrington was there, too, and we both watched the Cooper's Hawk in the top of the gnarly oak on the west side of the large, mostly natural pond.  Many swallows were around, including Rough-winged, Violet-green and Barn.  When I made it around to the wooden railing, I thought I might have had a Tree Swallow, but lost it.

A Kingfisher plunged into the water right off the island and caught something small.  The Double-crested Cormorants were looking for something bigger.  Eleven Ring-necked Ducks were on the large pond, but I have not seen any Coots for 4-6 days.  A single Common Gallinule was along the west side of the big pond.

I have looked for the Tropical Kingbird numerous times.  It was seen by at least one person last week, but was gone by the time I arrived at the closed rose garden area.

A Red-tailed Hawk was on the power pole next to the private Seven Hills School, again.  The Canada Geese were making a bunch of noise at that pond, too.

Oh, the Green Heron flew across the big pond and landed on the tree which has fallen from the island to the water.  It likes to sit there a lot.

Sunday my wife made a video of a Snipe in the ditch alongside the now-closed dog park.  It was closer to the Contra Costa Canal.  I spent time yesterday and again today looking at this area.  It did not work for me.

I rode my bike south along Cherry Lane before visiting the park today.  Lots of Cedar Waxwings were near Kings Oak Place.  I was looking for Fred Safier's probable Kingfisher nest south of the bridge over the channel of Walnut Creek.  This is at the intersection of Seven Hills Ranch Road, Walden Road and Cherry Lane.  I looked south at what I think is the correct hole in the wall, but it did not work for me today.  See Fred's eBird report from yesterday at:

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek