Tuesday adventures


After reading so many reports of the Pileated Woodpecker near Canyon and the Black-chinned Sparrow at Sibley Volcanic Preserve, I decided it was a good morning to give it a go.  I passed the bridge south of Moraga with no problems before 9 AM and parked at the intersection of Canyon and Pinehurst. 

Warbling Vireo song filled the air and without too much trouble, I found the power pole the woodpecker likes. After forty-five minutes or more, the woodpecker never showed or even called.  A Swainson's Thrush was whitting nearby, a Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Wilson's Warbler and Chickadees were busy and visible.  Across Pinehurst some Acorn Woodpeckers were making their noises, too. There was plenty of auto traffic, until after 9 AM and plenty of bicycles passed by in all directions.

By the time I was ready to start walking at Sibley Preserve, it was 10 AM.  Never having been there, I misread the map and trail markers and found myself at the top of Round Top with the large antennas.  Not to worry, I had a Hairy Woodpecker pounding on a tree, but it took off before I could actually see it.  As I came down the hill, it called from the direction it had flown earlier.  Well, I think it was the same bird, anyway.

There were many Juncos all around as I walked up and down the trail, probably as many as 25 in all. 

I made it back to the paved trail and found where I was supposed to walk toward the Volcanic Trail.  Unfortunately, when I realized how far I had to walk, I knew it was not going to happen today.  My plan was to join a 12:30 union meeting from home using Zoom and I had to leave. 

Maybe another day at an earlier time.  That's birding.

Hugh B .Harvey
Walnut Creek