Trikes! Sunol area!

Jim Chiropolos

Work took me to San Jose today and I made a quick stop at Calveres Road (the Sunol park exit).At the freshwater marsh on the south side of the road (maybe 1/2 mile from 680 on the way to Sunol park) I saw colonial blackbird action streaming out from the marsh - at least 150 birds. The flock was a mixed group of blackbirds with trikes (tri-colored) and red-shouldered blackbirds. One if the trikes may have had nesting material in its bill. More blackbirds were in the cattails.

The trike habitat here is OK- cattail marsh - adjacent grasslands but no cattle. I believe they bred here in 1992 but if they are breeding here now - that would be really exciting. It isSF Water District land, so maybe someone should contact them to make sure they do not cut the grass here Assuming this is a nesting colony.

There is one pullout to watch the colony.

I was quite surprised to see trikes here!

Jim Chiropolos