Thursday in Heather Farm Park Walnut Creek


Because there was no wind to speak of this morning, maybe that is why we had so many Rough-winged Swallows flying around.  I did not look hard enough, possibly, a family was at the wooden railing and I did not stay close, but I may have missed any other swallow species.

I saw no Double-crested Cormorants, they would be easy to spot, but I did not see any Black Phoebes, either.  The Pied-billed Grebes were also missing.  It may be just for lack of looking hard enough, or they could be hiding.  A river otter was reported later in the concrete pond.

There were still plenty of White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows, as well as Audubon's and some Myrtle Warblers.

Along the road toward the private Seven Hills School, I had some Western Bluebirds on the fence across from the equestrian parking.  They seem to like this area.  A Killdeer was in this pond.

Two Ring-necked Ducks on the large, mostly natural pond, and the one female Common Goldeneye.  She was seen the other day, I just missed her.

In our patio to the north of the park, Rosita had a female Selasphorus Hummingbird yesterday afternoon.  It was gone by the time I ran downstairs from the computer.  I moved the pot which has the flowers on which this bird was feeding.  It will be easier to see if it returns and I am looking out the right window.

For several mornings now, the White-crowned Sparrows have been in the patio before 6:30.  Earlier in the week, the last one was in the patio at 7:45 PM!  Those are long working hours.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek