Sunol Regional Wilderness

Eric Pilotte

Zach Baer and I visited Sunol Regional Wilderness this morning. We walked on Camp Ohlone Road along Alameda Creek up to the locked gate. Highlights were:
- 1 singing Black-throated Gray Warbler (seemingly very early)
- 10 singing Warbling Vireos
- 15 singing Orange Crowned-Warblers (we saw 2 of them, and 1 was carrying nesting material)
- 10+ singing House Wrens (several seen)
- 2 singing Rufous-crowned Sparrows
- Flock of 60+ Band-tailed Pigeons
- 0 American Dippers, sadly
- 10+ Coast Range Newts on the road

Happy Birding!
Eric Pilotte
Benicia, CA