Sunday Richmond/Niles Canyon

Alan Krakauer

Sunday 3/21 started well with a new yard bird for our house near the richmond/el cerrito border: CALIFORNIA QUAIL. We are not too far from Wildcat Canyon so this isn't too much of a surprise, but it's nice to see that turkeys might not be the only galliform bird to spreading into the more urban areas of the east bay. No spring migrants yet in our yard. Our white-throated sparrow seems to have left, although our purple finches and white-crowned and golden crowned sparrows are still visiting the feeder.

I was able do do some binocular-free birding while taking the steam train from Sunol to Niles and back. Most notable were the raptors: Red- tailed, Red Shouldered, Coopers, Kestral, Merlin, and probable golden eagle. Also my FOS Swainsons Hawk off of 680 not to far north of the Niles exit. One wild turkey seen from the train.

Good birding,

Alan Krakauer, Richmond