Summer Tanager re-found (with photos finally!)

Alan Krakauer

I went back to the Gyuto foundation again this evening at about 7PM to try again to get photos of the female Summer Tanager. This time I had some luck! 

I saw it almost immediately once I got to the far end of the loop trail. It was initially in a distant oak, then flew into the plum tree just below the fence about 75 feet from the far end of the trail, foraged for a minute, then flew up to an exposed oak branch nearby. It then disappeared a couple minutes before Ethan Monk appeared to look for the bird, but maybe 5 or 10 minutes later Ethan re-found the bird in that same plum tree. After a minute or two it flew to the plum at the farthest part of the loop, and after another short foraging session it staged up to a small oak nearby, and a few minutes later flew back to the first plum tree. We last saw it perched in a bay tree farther down slope.

It's maybe early to make generalizations about this bird's behavior, but
- The plum trees have pretty dense foliage and it can be reeeeaaaallly hard to find the bird there.
- The bird sometimes flies to a neighboring tree and pauses more in the open there. This may be your best bet for a photo.
- I saw the bird at least 3 different times today but the visits can be brief.

Repeating my directions from my previous email:
Directions: The Gyuto Foundation is at 6401 Bernhard Ave, Richmond, 94805
It is open to the public daily from 9AM - 8PM.

The hotspot says "restricted access" but the grounds are open to the public.

There is a short forest loop trail that starts in the redwoods by the entrance and comes back through the playground/prayer wheels. Towards the far end of the loop are several scattered plum trees with fruit and the tanager was in one of those both times I saw it (along with various woodpeckers, robins, grosbeaks, purple finches, etc).  

Good luck if you try to find the bird!

Alan Krakauer
Richmond CA