successful use of a nest box by Red-breasted Nuthatches

phil capitolo


Back on 13 May a pair of Chestnut-backed Chickadees fledged young from my neighbor's nest box. We placed the nest box in April 2020 but go no takers that year. The Chickadees found the box in March of this year. Then on 1 June my neighbor noticed Red-breasted Nuthatch activity at the box. Fast forward to yesterday, 15 July, when she noted at least 3 juveniles depart the nest box, among perhaps 4 or 5 based on activity noted in shrubs and oaks below later on.

We are on Wildcat Canyon Rd. in Alameda County; Contra Costa County is on the other side of the road.

The Birds of the World account says Red-breasteds "rarely use next boxes", but cites two studies; so I thought this would be of interest. The Nuthatches added little to the nest the Chickadees had built, just some shreds of bark it seemed. They did indeed though conspicuously line the bottom of the entrance with resin.

phil capitolo