Stint sp. at Frank's Dump, Hayward Shoreline

Bob Toleno

I visited Frank's Dump today at high tide for the first time since the inflow of water was restored. The pond is not yet very full, but the water was coming in rapidly at peak tide, so after a few more weeks of tide cycles, it will get to the level it used to be at. Lots of small and medium-sized shorebirds were in the pond, but most of the larger shorebirds appeared to be in Oro Loma Marsh (which i didn't visit, but could see from a distance).

The best bird at the Dump was an alternate-plumage STINT sp. roosting with Western Sandpipers. Distance, heat haze, and wind vibration on my scope made it impossible to ID it to species or get any photos, but the reddish face and neck were easy to discern, and being the same size as the Westerns next to it helped to eliminate breeding-plumage Sanderling. Given that a Red-necked was just seen at Elsie Roemer less than two weeks ago, that seems most likely, but i left it at Red-necked/Little Stint on my eBird checklist.

Good birding,
Bob Toleno