Springtown Wetlands

Alexander Henry

I stopped by Springtown Wetlands this morning to look for a Swamp Sparrow. While I was unsuccessful in that regard, it was still surprisingly productive! I birded only the area west of the Springtown Blvd Bridge.

The highlight was unbelievably good looks at an American Bittern! This was not totally unexpected as I believe Isabelle Reddy saw one here recently, but very cool nonetheless. It was about 50 yards west of the bridge.

Close runners up to the Bittern were 5 Hooded Mergansers (3 beautiful males). Not quite the 14 count Derek Heins reported elsewhere yesterday, but clearly Hooded Mergs are having a moment.

Alex Henry

Alexander Henry

I got a couple questions about where the Springtown Wetlands are. I usually park on Rhododendron Drive and bird on either side of the Springtown Blvd Bridge, around (37.7165065, -121.7485085).

Alexander Henry

I got several more replies telling me that I was not specific enough about where Springtown Wetlands are. I’m sorry.

They are in Springtown, Livermore, Alameda County, 94551. Easily accessed along Springtown Boulevard at the coordinates I provided, (37.7165225, -121.7480709). These coordinates can be copied and pasted into Google Maps or any other map service. Also if you just search “Springtown Wetlands” on Google that works as well.