Solitary Sandpiper Alameda Creek / Quarry Lakes

Alexander Henry

Solitary Sandpiper now along Alameda Creek between Quarry Lakes and Niles Canyon. Approx. (37.5717201, -121.9797595) here now. I can stake out for a bit.

Alex Henry

Jerry Ting

The Solitary Sandpiper found by Alex Henry continued at the same spot in Alameda Creek (37.5717201, -121.9797595) this afternoon. The bird was foraging along the edge of the large sandbar and twice came close to the bank. Some shots of the bird can be seen in my eBird checklist:

The south side of Alameda Creek Trail was under construction and closed between Isherwood and Railroad bridge this afternoon. Try access to the north side of Alameda Creek Trail via Niles Community Park parking lot if you plan to pursue this bird.

Happy Birding and Stay Safe,
Jerry Ting