Small, white raptor with prey flying over Durant & Telegraph, Berkeley


Walking up Durant toward Telegraph around 3pm Sunday I heard an unusual, high-pitched, repeating call. Looking up, a very light, basically white, stout bird holding what looked like a scrub jay below it flew over. The raptor had some kind of dark bar or patch on each side of face, observable from below. Nothing about this bird said "peregrine" to me. "Goshawk" is what I began to wonder, but I'll never know. The wings were short, not pointed. At the bird got more distant, a small number of feathers fell from the sky, as if the raptor shook its prey.

After I crossed Telegraph and continued up Durant, I heard the bird again but did not see it, so at least for a short time the bird was hanging out.

When I got home I listened to goshawk sound and my memory said "That's it!" but that's not science. Maybe some other very light, small raptor.

Exciting mystery.