Saturday morning in Heather Farm


I did an especially early and brief visit to the park, but saw Don Lewis and the MDAS social media chair, Rosalie.  Some of the birds I found included Yellow and many Yellow-rumped Warblers.  The latter were in great numbers today.  Don had a Black-throated Gray Warbler on the island.  A Black-crowned Night-Heron was on the edge of the pond at the private Seven Hills School, a Red-shouldered Hawk was on a light standard at the extreme north of the ball fields.

Judith Dunham wrote wondering about a poem for Cedar Waxwings.  The following is from A Year With the Birds by Alice E. Ball, 1916.

The Cedar Waxwing

A beautiful gray-brown bird is he,
    With a crest on his velvet head,
Which stands erect when he is surprised,
    And is flattened tight in dread;
When contented and happy loose it lies--
    As when he is bountifully fed.

His wings and tail are of softest gray
    That blend to a darker shade;
On his wings are scarlet wax-like tips
    That seem by magic made;
On his breast and the band across his tail
    The "Golden Touch" was laid.

He and his roving flock alight
    Where berries and seeds they spy;
Well-fed, they perch on a bough of a tree
    In a row, remote and shy;
They preen their coats, and whisper and lisp,
    And then away they fly.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek