Saturday in the park Walnut Creek


Things have seemed to be slow in Heather Farm Park, and I was telling that to a non-birding couple on the west side of the large pond.  But as I continued south toward the big oak tree, nearby was a juvenile Black-crowned Night-Heron with its white-spotted back.  When I made it around to the wooden railing, the juvenile was gone and in the foliage was an adult Night-Heron.  Did they nest here?  That is a good question, as it has happened in the past.

As I headed north on the east side of the pond along the gravel trail, I paused to look for some Bushtits I was hearing.  Suddenly, there was a yellow bird which was not a Goldfinch.  I felt it might have been a Yellow Warbler.  Another park friend came along and I told Dan about the yellow bird.  Eventually, we found a bright male Wilson's Warbler, with his black cap and eye.  I am still wondering if maybe there were two different birds, but maybe not.

Some mild excitement on an otherwise typical late summer morning.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek