Sapsucker at UC Botnical Garden

Chris Carmichael

Sorry for the late posting on this sighting and thanks to Marsha for posting it earlier. I was waiting for photos from someone on the walk, but don’t have them so far. The bird was, as Marsha notes, a Red-naped female or Yellow-bellied male. and clearly not a Red-breasted Sapsucker which are relatively common in winter in the Garden. The bird lacked the red nape spot, had no yellow wash on the belly as far as I could tell, and had a prominent red throat, though I did not focus on the white chin patch of a female Red-naped.

We watched the bird for about 20 minutes starting around 9:30 on Thursday, 2/6. It was in one of the two large evergreen Mexican oaks by Julia Morgan Hall. The main trunks are riddled with holes, though I don’t think any of them are active this winter.
I returned this morning and turned up no sapsuckers.

Chris Carmichael