Sapsucker at Mines Road

Alexander Henry

Aaron Maizlish’s sapsucker continues at Mines Road mile 13.71-13.75. I think it is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker but would like to hear what others think. As it is a confusing hatch year bird and there is the possibility of Red-naped x Yellow-bellied hybrid.

I also saw a second sapsucker more briefly that was possibly Red-naped but may have been Red-naped x Red-breasted. Same spot.

Definitely some interesting birds moving through the interior coast range this time of year. Though they can be sparse and the birding is usually relatively slow in the afternoon when it is hot. Townsend’s Solitaires also moving through.

Photos of the possible Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: (it was staying deep in vegetation when it wasn’t flying unfortunately, but seemed likely to stay in the area):