robber alert at Damon Slough

Wen Hsu

Today around 12:30 PM, after we packed our equipment into the trunk and were ready to leave, a car came and stopped behind us. A young man jumped from the back seat of this car, smashed the lift-up window of our trunk, and took our bag with camera, lens and binoculars.

It happened in the parking lot facing Damon Slough, MLK Junior Shoreline, off I-880 Zhone Way exit. There were already glass shards on the ground when we arrived. The robbers were apparently casing the parking lot. They saw us returning from birding and putting scope, tripod, camera, telephoto lens etc. back to the trunk. They waited until we got in the front seats, then they drove and pulled up behind us, perpendicular to our car. When we heard the bang of window being shattered, we got off immediately and went around to the back. But we had time only to see the man taking the bag, hopping back to his car, and the car speeding away.

The get-away car is an SUV with 4 doors in silver or golden color. The license plate is 4RKD699. There were at least two other people in the car, including a woman in the passenger seat.

Be careful when you are out there birding! Even after you have returned to your car!!