ringside seat for birdie action at Huck

debbie viess

On Wednesday I took a late afternoon walk at Huckleberry Preserve.
As I finished up the loop trail and approached the entrance, I was companionably surrounded by a veritable mob of interesting birds: a California Quail walked along the top of a mightly oak branch. A creeper crept up the bark of another oak, feet splayed out as it climbed. A Swainson's thrush(the second one that I saw that day) foraged on the ground under the oaks. An Oak Titmouse (natch) foraged above me. A Pacific Slope Flycatcher flycaught. A Pygmy Nuthatch crept into a cavity. Dark eyed Juncos fanned their tails and foraged, Stellars Jays displayed their gorgeous, fresh breeding plumage, electric blue exclamation points above their eyes and exquisite black laddering on their wings. Bandtailed pigeons soared overhead and the song of a Black Headed Grosbeak poured down upon us all. I perched in an oak myself, absorbing the sights and sounds around me. Sweet.

Earlier on my walk I also observed a Hairy Woodpecker working a row of downed Bay Laurel. Busy busy busy, everyone. And pure pleasure for a birder.

Debbie Viess
Oakland, CA