Richmond - Rufous Hummer, House Wren

Lory Poulson <poulsongluck@...>

Sorry for the late post, but in case it's of interest:

Late Thursday afternoon (roughly 5-7 pm, still sunny and warm), Alvarado
Park was very birdy near the entry to the Belgum Sanitarium site (northern
end of Wildcat Canyon, see links below): highlights were Adult Male Rufous
Hummingbird and House Wren (1 or possibly 2, very audible and active); also
present were Western Bluebird, House Finch, American Goldfinch, Cedar
Waxwing, Nuttall's Woodpecker, White-Crowned Sparrow, Junco, Scrub Jay, and
lots of cows.

An Adult Male Rufous Hummer also visited our Richmond backyard a week
earlier. Although Selasphorus Hummers have been seasonal visitors, this is
the first Adult Male RUHU (who could resist that?) we've observed since
moving here in 1997. What a joy: its stunning appearance -- and a positive
identification at last!

During the week of the Spring Equinox, more unusual activity: Over the
years, we've often seen a Bewick's Wren working the yard (including every
nook and cranny of the patio umbrella); one day during the week of March 22,
3 Bewick's Wrens were present...and one appeared to chase another off.
Similarly, while we're accustomed to seeing a solitary Hermit Thrush in the
yard (a daylighted creek is nearby), on the day after the Bewick's sighting,
there were 2 Hermit Thrushes. Alas, there have been no repeats of the
multiple sightings -- but it was fun while it lasted!

For more on Alvarado Park and the Belgum Sanitarium site:

Good birding!

Lory Poulson