Redwood regional park today

Philip Georgakakos

Hello Birders,

I walked around the Skyline gate area at Redwood Regional Park this morning for about 2 hours starting at 9:45. I parked on Skyline near the intersection with Phillip’s Loop trail, walked East Ridge Trail to Prince trail, headed down into the valley, and back up via Eucalyptus and Phillip’s loop.

There was a Hermit Warbler in the cypresses where I parked at the intersection of Phillip’s Loop and Skyline Blvd. Quite a bit of mixed species flock action in the tall pines in between East Ridge and Phillip’s loop, with 2 Western Wood-peewees and an Olive sided flycatcher amongst Pygmy Nuthatches, Red-breasted Nuthatches and Chicadees. Also spotted a yearling Western Tanager around here. Not too many warblers though. Full checklist here:

Have folks started to see other passerines moving through the area?

Phil Georgakakos,