Redwood Park sapsucker hybird


After an unsuccessful attempt at finding a Pileated Woodpecker, hiking from
the Skyline Gate Staging Area in Redwood Park and putting my backpack in my
card, I saw some woodpecker action and took a look before driving off. In
addition to a couple of the resident Acorn Woodpeckers I saw what I expected
to be a Red-breasted Sapsucker but immediately realized wasn't and was
likely to be a hybrid. I went back to my car, got my camera, and on getting
back to the spot about 100 yards from the parking lot I relocated the
sapsucker but it immediately fly down the direction of Phillips Loop trail.
I headed down that way, thought I'd check out the small bunch of
trees/bushes where a hybrid was seen last fall, soon after heard pounding
and re-found the bird about 30 yards away on a young eucalyptus tree. I've
categorized this as Red-naped/Red-breasted Hybird but am open to opinions as
I'm taking a break after a lot of hiking this morning.

Derek Heins