Red-throated Loon at Ferry Point, Alameda

Judith Dunham

After concluding a blustery and wet but productive workday at the Alameda Wildlife Refuge around 11:30, I cruised the Alameda shoreline. I spotted the Red-throated Loon along Ferry Point close to shore, not far from where the USS Hornet is berthed. The bird is transitioning from winter to breeding plumage but still has a good amount of speckling on the back.

Also in this general area were up to 65 Western and Clark's Grebes seeking shelter from the wind and whitecaps, along with 2 Eared Grebes in full breeding plumage. Brown Pelicans, numbering 13, were on the breakwater with a scattering of gulls, mostly Westerns. I did not have my scope and the visibility was poor, so I was unable to identify the other, more distant birds in the Ferry Point basins, which seemed to include another loon or two and additional grebes.

Judith Dunham
Berkeley, California

Link to USS Hornet and directions with map: