Red Crossbills at Inspiration Point, 11/14

Judith Dunham

Six East Bay birders started the day in the Inspiration Point area around 8 a.m., first walking the EBMUD trail (permit required), then birding nearby Nimitz Way in Tilden. We had a roving flock of Red Crossbills moving high in the conifers, issuing their kip-kip-kip calls. The flock, upwards of 20, finally landed atop a conifer along Nimitz Way so we could have a good look.

In other news, we doubled-dipped--first on the Black-and-white Warbler near Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley in late morning and then on the Bar-tailed Godwit in Emeryville around lunchtime. We left the latter area when it started to rain.

Judith Dunham