Red Crossbill

Ethan Monk

I should also mention, for those who like to keep track of such things, that I was sent a photo by a friend who lives in Alamo of a male Red Crossbill at their feeder this last Sunday, July 4th. Crossbills are typically only present in the county during and sometimes following irruptive events, and typically do not show up East of the Berkeley-Oakland Hills in the East Bay, so this sighting is quite unusual. The previous two winters in the county we've had small irruptions of "type two" crossbills, and while the winter 2019-2020 irruption saw Crossbills show up in most corners of the county, this last winter's 2020-21 irruption was more constrained to the Oakland Hills, as is typical. This is also the only record I know of for the county in the month of July, and one of very few summer records.