Recent sightings including possible hybrid sparrow, Richmond

Alan Krakauer

Some sightings from the past few days, East Richmond Heights near Wildcat Canyon.

Best Weekend yard bird: Western Tanager, I guess they are still around.

Monday at the Gyuto Foundation: 1 Hermit Warbler, lots of Hermit Thrushes.

Tuesday at the Gyuto Foundation: Red-breasted Sapsucker, California Thrasher (unusual at this location, although frequently found across the canyon), First of season Yellow-rumped warblers (2).  

Most interestingly, a bird that I am tentatively calling a hybrid Golden-crowned x White-crowned sparrow. The bird had golden on the head, but a mostly pink bill. I've sought opinions on this bird but nobody has ventured a guess yet, so I'm hoping someone might have thoughts as to whether the bill is in the range of variation for Golden-crowned or if this is in fact a hybrid.

ebird list with sparrow photos:

Good birding,
Alan Krakauer
Richmond, CA