Questions about birds at my Coyote Creek Lagoon trip


Hi, I was walking on Coyote Creek Lagoon at around 4 in the afternoon, and saw a group of pelicans feeding in the body of water around (37.472787, -121.944971). There were some Snowy Egrets which were near the pelicans, and as the pelicans moved downwind, the egrets appeared to fly towards the pelicans, as if following them. This happened for a while, so I don't think it was a coincidence that they happened to reach the same place.

I saw a group of 2 White-faced Ibises around (37.463325, -121.932891). Most bird-books I see say that White-faced Ibises come here mostly around the migration season. What is the reason that they are here now? Is it early fall migration or something like that? There were some White-faced Ibises in the area this spring which stayed for quite a while at the ponds next to the CETECOM parking lot (Santa Clara County, but really close to Coyote Creek Lagoon) (I know they were there for at least a week, and then stopped checking because I noticed a No Trespassing sign). Are these likely the same birds? Why or why not? If they are the same birds, then why were they late for spring migration and early for the fall migration?