Possible Scarlet Tanager in Contra Costa Co.


On August 29, at Ellis Lake Park in Concord, CoCo County, I found a decidedly alien looking to me Tanager (in contrast to Western Tanager), the observation lasts only a few seconds, but just enough to take a nervously non-sharp photo and observe its characteristics before the bird flew away. Despite the search on that day and the next, the bird did not reappear.

Tanager showed in my opinionĀ  good features of juvenile Scarlet Tanager , however I have zero experience with juveniles of this species, and I also consider the possibility of an unknown stage of molting Western Tanager or even the possibility of aberrant Western Tanager. For this reason, I left it for now as Tanager sp.

key feature of this tanager:

"Western Tanager" bill size, but differently colored

definitely greenish back vs. grayish of "western" and consequently no contrast between the color of the head and the back

one thin whitish wing-bar

All opinions and comments, especially those familiar with this species are welcome,

Albert W. Linkowski