Point Pinole birds Thursday, Nov. 18


Today was the 8th time I participated at Point Pinole doing the Point Blue Shorebird Survey.  It is not a particularly hot spot for shorebirds, walking from the parking lot along the west edge all the way to the fishing pier.  But it is a satisfying opportunity to see other birds, too.

Susana and I started off with a lot of American Wigeons.  Among them were two hybrid male Eurasian Wigeons and a full-blown male with a nice gray body.  They were quite separate from the Scaups, Ruddy Ducks and Buffleheads.  We also had a few Surf Scoters, female Red-breasted Mergansers and a handful of Clark's/Western Grebes, mostly too far to identify. 

We saw a total of nine Spotted Sandpipers, five Killdeers and six Least Sandpipers.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek