Plumbeous Vireo

Ethan Monk

Apparent Plumbeous Vireo at Creekside Park in Brentwood off Cheshire Dr. at least a Solitary with no yellow. Would be 4th county record?


Paul Schorr

At 10:30 this morning, we re-found the Plumbeous Vireo that Ethan Monk first reported yesterday. We saw the bird in a small park south of the play structures on Cheshire Dr. in Creekside Park, Brentwood. To get to the viewing area, we walked south of the play structures a couple hundred yards and crossed a small bridge over Marsh Creek. Continuing east to a small neighborhood park with a grove of sycamores, the bird was first heard singing loudly and moving about in the trees. We watched the bird for about fifteen minutes.

Paul Schorr

Srikant Char

Plumbeous refound now. Almost same place as original Ethan report


Good birding!