Pine Canyon, Diablo Foothills Reg Park

Alan Bade

With the discussion of closed parking lots at park trails, I thought I'd add this. The very large parking lot at Diablo Foothills/Castle Rock park is open. They call this the Orchard parking lot. It's huge, and so has been left open, I believe. (The smaller parking lot at the end of the road is closed, as are all bathrooms and water access.) We went last Thursday and was able to park at least 25-50 ft away from anyone else. It was easy to maintain excellent social distance on the trail which is actually a road. There are cattle gates to open and close, so bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Be mindful that with the recent rain the stream crossing could be a little higher.

We walked through the empty and closed picnic area where we surprised a CA Thrasher enjoying it's solitude, and then walked up Pine Cyn into the state park.. A male Bullock's Oriole was calling from the top of the oaks. Another was in different oaks further down the road.

Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill