patio news in Walnut Creek


Last Saturday July 17, I noticed an odd bird in our small patio, then realized it was baby Cowbird.  Oh, shoot, I thought, using sailor language.  In a few minutes it returned and this time I was able to see the adult feeding it, which was a female Junco.  Oops, more sailor language.

I knew we had real baby Juncos in the patio several months back, so wasn't too worried, they raised one good family.  The thing is, we have maybe two pairs of Juncos, noticeable because one of them has these little white spots at the bottom of the dark hood; it seems to be a leucistic thing.

Well, now this Cowbird is able to feed itself, it finally learned about the water in the bird bath so it can drink, but it doesn't seem to want to go away.  That's actually fine, I guess, it is the way the world out there works.  I have not seen an adult having anything to do with it since early in the week.

Yesterday I noticed yet a different bird, which turned out to be a real Junco fledgling.  Very cool.  It was out there a few minutes ago and it already knows how to drink from the bird bath.  A Chickadee was there at the same time and the Cowbird saw off a bit watching.  I don't know if it is still amazed at this big world around it or just what.  If you read "Get Fuzzy" in the comics, I think of this Cowbird as the Satchel of the bird world.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek