Pacific Golden-Plover at Frank's Dump


I rushed down to San Leandro late today to get in a bike ride and see some shorebirds at high tide which is great there as you’re looking east for the birds with the sun going down.  My main stop was at Frank’s Dump where there wasn’t a huge concentration of shorebirds at the main roosting spot but they were nicely spaced and not hunkered down as they often are in high winds.  I counted 17 Surfbirds, 9 Ruddy Turnstones, 16 Black Turnstones and 4 Red Knots and despite the significant distance away  the viewing clarity (scoping) was amazing. I didn’t go over to the northwest corner where Alex Henry counted 77 Snowy Plovers a few days ago.


The nicest surprise was a Pacific Golden-Plover that I noticed on my last scan to double-checks my counts.  At first view I just noticed a little golden color but then as the bird turned a little it’s small, think bill was very noticeable as was the smaller overall size.


For those going down there, at this time of year I suggest coming in from the north starting at the Grant Avenue entrance to the Bay Trail as there is good shorebird activity along most of that route and it’s roughly the same distance as coming in from Winton Ave.

Derek Heins