Osprey at Harbor Bay Island

Patricia Bacchetti

Though it was a very windy day on the bay front, I went looking for LEAST TERNS. Middle Harbor RP had the best tern action, with perhaps 10 Leasts fishing over the shallow waters of the low tide, along with FORESTER'S and a couple of CASPIAN TERNS. There's still some shorebird activity, though the numbers were low. Wandering over to Harbor Bay Island, across from Peet's Coffee World Headquarters (thanks to Verne Nelson for the post about this spot), terns were the target. But as I got out of the car, a bird larger than a gull or a tern was gliding over the pond in the glare. It was an OSPREY, and it hung around long enough to let me take it's picture before it sped off northward over the bay. The Caspian and Forester's Terns like to sleep at the far end, making for good comparisons of size, flight, and vocalization. I've yet to see a Least in the crowd, but I suspect that I don't get there early enough.

Directions to Harbor Bay Island-from 880, take Hegenberger west and go left at Ron Cowan Parkway; follow it left until it becomes Harbor Bay Parkway and park when you see Peet's Coffee on the right.

Good birding,

Pat Bacchetti